Here is a snapshot of the application process from beginning to end. This is a process designed to develop a depth of relationship we feel is necessary to truly understand and care for you holistically as a person, not just a worker. Time to completion will vary greatly from candidate to candidate due to factors like readiness and stage of life.

  1. Fill out Getting Better Acquainted Form/Enter WorldVenture Discovery Process
  2. Work with a Mission Coach who helps to guide you through basic areas of readiness to serve with WorldVenture. These can include:
    1. Salvation Experience/Story
    2. Your relationship with your church/your churches fit with WorldVenture. (WorldVenture believes that the local church is the primary vehicle through which the Great Commission is accomplished. As such, we look for every one of our Staff members to be active in and have the support of a local body.)
    3. Your general giftings and ministry experience. 
    4. Educational Background
    5. Finances
    6. Interpersonal/Personal Dynamics
  3. If at this point, you feel that this could be a good fit for you and you meet the basic criteria, your church leadership will be contacted to initiate the next step in the process. One of our staff members will handle this, but it might be good to speak with your church leadership now to prepare them and also get feedback on this path you are exploring.
  4. Mobilization Coach will work with you for more in depth coaching.
  5. Formal Application Process
    1. Personal Biography
    2. References
    3. Background Check
    4. Doctrinal Statement
    5. Psychological Evaluation
  6. Candidate file reviewed by Candidate Review Committee
  7. If everything is a match, at this point, you will be invited to WorldVenture HQ in Littleton, CO for an interview. If everything is still a go after this interview, you will become an official appointee. After this, you will attend additional trainings and work on growth goals, along with Partner Development (Support Raising).

So that is a down and dirty view of our application process. It may seem daunting at this early stage, but hundreds of workers have gone before you and we feel that this is the best way to serve you, your church, and the fields in our efforts to advance the Kingdom.

Feel free to leave any questions in the comments section of this forum.

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