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What does Christmas mean to Hungarians?

A recent television news broadcast on the M1 TV station (Dec.23rd 7:30 evening news edition, published a statistic on what Hungarians think about the Christmas holiday. According to the report 52% say it is a time to celebrate love, 32% say it's a time to be with family, 14% say it's the time to celebrate the birth of Christ, 1% a day off from work, 1% other. Experts say that the religious element of Christmas has become more in the back of… Continue

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Gordon MacDonald: Who Stole My Church



This is an interview with master communicator Dr. Gordon MacDonald as he touches on the topics of Worship Wars within the Church and his new book, "Who Stole my Church."



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Merry Christmas!

Who is your God? That is the question we have been answering with our Christmas season preaching series. On Christmas Eve we will celebrate Christ and we expect to have a church full of friends and neighbors who do not recognize Jesus as their Savior. People steeped in tradition will hear the Gospel for perhaps the first time in their lives. Then, on Christmas day we have a celebration of Christ as the Alpha and Omega. Once again the church will be filled with people from a post-Christian… Continue

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Is Barack Obama's Name in the Bible? The Obama Conspiracy (regardling Luke 10:18 in particular)

If you are highly interested in the end times, please read the last paragraph. I felt that this was important simply because there are come ridiculous things being said about Barak Obama's name being mentioned in the Bible with reference to Satan. Although I am not free of error, I believe this is a true assessment of the passage, and some of the ideas of it's reference to Obama.

This is how "lightening falling from heaven" sounds in Greek. I wrote it so that the most basic way you… Continue

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Christmas in the USA

The other day we went to an English class held by a Hungarian pastor in his home. Our purpose was to tell how we celebrate Christmas in the USA. I never imagined that Hungarians would ever want to hear about how we celebrate Christmas in the USA. Some like our decorative and culinary ideas so why not throw in some of our spiritual ideas along with the mix? Our decorative and culinary customs are not necessarily exclusive of North America since they were brought in by immigrants from all over… Continue

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Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make



You can't talk about missions without talking about leadership. Here at WorldVenture, we are finding more and more that many national churches all over the world don't need our help in evangelizing or church planting, but they desperately need leadership training.…

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An African Manger

That December morning the harmattan wind off the wintery Sahara kept blowing its dust across the dry grasses and through the congregation gathered beside the little church. Its chill was a welcome contrast to the usual heat of northern Ivory Coast, and we had a larger crowd than usual. Many had just come to find out what these “followers of the Jesus Road” were about to do next, so we sat outdoors.

This was the first-ever Sunday School program at the Tiepogovogo village church that… Continue

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Interview with Vernon Grounds



Today we revisit an old interview with Dr. Vernon Grounds. During this Interview Dr. Vernon Grounds is 95 years young. The wisdom and heart of this Godly man is captured as Hans Finzel, President of WorldVenture, and Chancellor Vernon Grounds of Denver Seminary, have a conversation about his life's work, his…

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News of the last 4 months..

prayer update for Dec.2009 better.pdf

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Henry Deneen, President of Greater Europe Mission



Hans Finzel interviews Denry Deneen, President of [Greater Europe Missions] and talks about the Man, Mission and Message to the European World.



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