Is Barack Obama's Name in the Bible? The Obama Conspiracy (regardling Luke 10:18 in particular)

If you are highly interested in the end times, please read the last paragraph. I felt that this was important simply because there are come ridiculous things being said about Barak Obama's name being mentioned in the Bible with reference to Satan. Although I am not free of error, I believe this is a true assessment of the passage, and some of the ideas of it's reference to Obama.

This is how "lightening falling from heaven" sounds in Greek. I wrote it so that the most basic way you pronounce the letters should make the correct sound, "astrapein ek too ooranoo pessonta", literally "lightening out of the heaven falling". Luke wrote in Greek, and this is exactly what he wrote. The big deal that people are making is saying that the Hebrew word for lightening is baraq. However, this word is a neutral word, not just used in apocalyptic literature or concerning Satan. In fact, the only Old Testament passage (using Hebrew, with the word that sounds like barak) is talking about the appearance of the Lord before Daniel (Daniel 10:6). This link will show you all of the OT uses of the word baraq ( ). In all of the Bible prophecy that has come true in the past, the Lord actually names the future person and presents it as a name, such as with Jesus and Cyrus (name of a king predicted by Isaiah 150 years before he was born). God does not play strange crossword puzzles in prophecy so that a few elite thinkers might be able to break the code.

The second part that people are saying is that sometimes in Hebrew, in the Old Testament, the word "high place" is used to refer to heaven. It is important to know that this is an indirect word and a direct word that correlates with "ooranoo (ouranos)", heaven in Greek, does exist. This indirect reference to heaven as "high place" sounds like "bamma" in Hebrew (the direct word for heaven is "shahayim"). Therefore, they conclude that if you use indirect Hebrew words in place of the Greek, which is a stretch, then the sounds baraq and bamma are found in the same verse, which must mean that Barak Obamma is related to Satan. If you replaced these Hebrew words in the Greek sentence, it would sound like this "baraq ek too bamma pessonta".

This is all pretty ridiculous, and I am not sure who spends so much time looking for these codes. But the most important thing to mention is the context of the verse (Luke 10:17-20):

17The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

18He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. 20However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

Even if all of the skewing is done with the language, this passage is not prophetic at all. In fact, this is talking about something that occurred before the fall of man. Jesus is talking about the fact that He saw Satan thrown from Heaven (being cast out by God (though like demons are cast out now, this is not the final judgment when Satan will be locked away forever in the lake of fire)). The purpose of Jesus saying this is to say that He cast out the head of demons, and has given the disciples authority to cast out demons. It is an encouragement to them and an opportunity Jesus uses to tell the disciples that He is God. There is no context or linguistic data that would suggest this has anything to do with a name or any type of prophecy. It would make no sense to say, "I saw Satan fall like Barak Obamma. I have given you authority..." Is this suggesting that someone fell before Satan?(for which Satan fell like that person) Is this suggesting that Satan has had a companion, a human being at that, who fell with him before the fall of man? There is no possible way to make sense of any of this. It is the same as looking at every five letters in the Russian Bible and seeing someone's name appear. It is ridiculous. Just as a tip, the most important thing to consider is context for questionable things like this. All prophecy is given in the context that it is meant to be interpreted in. We can trust that this is the way unfulfilled prophecy will come to pass because it is the way fulfilled prophecy has come to pass.

I also noticed that some say it would produce this: "that he saw Satan’s transgression and that it/he was (in Hebrew or Aramaic), ‘Barack Obama’." First of all, I would like to reiterate that they are changing the words to suit what they want to say, by including "and that it/he was". This is literally just taking out some words and including others. No matter the language, you have to say, "like" or "as". "Satan fell like...", not "Satan fell and he was...". That is completely different. Secondly, they try to say that the Hebrew would include an O before bama to combine them. The vav that they are using to combine the two words is actually pronounced "v", not "o". More importantly, the Greek here is not using the conjunction "and", but a preposition "out of". In Hebrew this would add an "m" sound to the front of "bama". So, even translating it into Hebrew it would say, "Satan fell like barak mebama (or mibama)." I have never seen anyone actually play around with words, meanings, and sounds so much and be serious about it. It is very strange that people are trying to force Obama's name into the Bible, and conclude that he is not only working for Satan, but is Satan incarnate.

For all of the publicity that this has received, I wish the truth were more popular. It would be ignorant to spend so much time trying to study the end times and never consider Jesus Christ. Here is an important thing to remember. Although the end is important, you will most likely die before it comes. Worry about your end before you worry about the end of the world. Jesus lived the life we could not live, died the death we should have died, and conquered death to give us life so that we could have fellowship with God. There is no life in you, so get into relationship with the one who has life, so that you might live. If you want to make it after you end, then stop worshiping money, sex, drugs, popularity, girlfriend, boyfriend, yourself or anything else that directs your life and start worshiping Jesus. You will face the fate of whatever you worship. Just to give you a heads up, everything else dies except Jesus. Second tip, everything else will disappoint you because it cannot bear the weight of God. Trust in Jesus and you will live through the end. Regardless, He wins in the end. Being a good person and knowing a lot about the end times won't do it. Jesus accomplished it all and will be the only God left standing. He proved this by being the only one in history to come back from death, with good evidence. Know and follow Him.

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